SIT Article – George Borrie

Company: Southern Institute of Technology (SIT)
Role: Copywriter, Content Creator
Year: 2021

A SIT Student was nominated as a finalist for the iD International Emerging Designer Awards 2021, so I took the initiative to write an article about him for the SIT website and to share across social channels.

Article: SIT Graduate George Borrie is a finalist for the iD International Emerging Designer Awards 2021

SIT’s Fashion Graduate George Borrie has made the finalist list for the iD International Emerging Designer Awards 2021 with his collection “Muse”.

“I am incredibly humbled and excited to be representing Invercargill and Southland in this international event, alongside extremely talented designers from many different walks of life. I am prouder still to get the opportunity to put my brother up on stage again – in front of the world this time.” – George Borrie

George’s Muse collection is a tribute to his older brother William, who lost his battle with depression in 2010. Born on the same day four years apart, George felt a strong connection to his older brother William and now feels that he has lost perhaps one of the most relatable figures in this life. “He was always the more protective of my older brother’s and seemed to possess a deeply mature spirit – so much so that I still perceive him as being more developed than myself.”

George remembers William as having a downbeat sense of style. He was a big fan of denim skinny jeans, untucked white or printed t-shirts, as well as an open and flowing plaid flannel shirt with rolled up sleeves over the top.

“He has inspired a great degree of my own personal tastes in fashion, and so it was only appropriate to incorporate these aesthetics into this tribute-collection.”

To elevate his collection from a downbeat level, George incorporated the flamboyant drama of one of his favourite artists, Jimi Hendrix, who would wear elaborate Hussar military jackets. He also incorporated an important family symbol, the coccinellidae / lady bird insect, which serves as a reminder to his family to keep on keeping on and to live life on William’s behalf. “If you look closely, you will find their rounded shapes hinted throughout the entire range.”

The iD International Emerging Designer Awards is a Dunedin-based awards and is the only programme in Australasia for emerging design talent which is open to designers from throughout the world who have graduated in the past five years. Finalists in the iD International Emerging Designer Awards 2021 will feature in a one-hour film which will premiere as part of an iD Dunedin Fashion Celebration – four days of fashion and fun in Dunedin from Thursday 17 – Sunday 20 June 2021.

Southern Institute of Technology is very proud of George and his emotionally inspired collection and wishes him the very best.